Program Details

Degree Title : Bachelor of Science Honours in Quantity Surveying
Abbreviation : B.Sc. (QS) (Hons.)
Entry Requirements : (Minimum requirements) :
Academic qualifications
Local Category:
At least three (3) “S” grades for all three subjects in one sitting within three (3) attempts from the G.C.E A/L Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka, including; “Combined Mathematics and Physics” and any one of the following subjects:
    - Accounting
    - Economics
    - Business Statistics
    - Business Studies
    - Chemistry
    - Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In addition to above, candidates must have satisfied the following requirements in G.C.E. O/L examination.
   - At least a credit pass (C) in Mathematics and
   - At least an ordinary pass (S) in Science

Foreign Category:
   - London/Cambridge examinations: results approved by the British Council and the MoFA, Sri Lanka*.
   - Any other foreign examination: results approved by the respective higher education authority of the relevant country and MoFA, Sri Lanka*.

Minimum English language requirement:
   - At least a Credit pass (C) for English language from the G.C.E. O/L examination conducted by Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka- for the students in local category
   - A minimum score of 79 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum score of 5.5 on the
     International English Language Testing System (IELTS) etc.- for students from foreign category

Age limit: below 27 years
Program Structure :
Semester 01 :

 QS 1201 Built Environments
 QS 1202 Construction Technology I- Buildings
 QS 1303 Fundamentals of Drawings
 QS 1304 Fundamentals of Management
 QS 1305 Mathematics
 QS 1206 Information Technology I- MS Office
 QS 1207 Communication Skills I- General English

Semester 02 :
 QS 2408 Measurements I- Low Rise Buildings
 QS 2309 Building Materials
 QS 2310 Principles of Surveying
 QS 2311 Principles of Economics
 QS 2312 Communication Skills II- Technical Report Writing
 QS 2313 Quantity Surveying Practice I
Semester 03 :

 QS 3314 Construction Technology II- Civil Engineering
 QS 3215 Information Technology II- AutoCAD
 QS 3316 Design Appreciation
 QS 3317 Building Regulations
 QS 3218 Quality Management
 QS 3319 Organizational Management

Semester 04 :
 QS 4320 Price Analysis I- Buildings
 QS 4321 Structural Elements of Buildings
 QS 4322 Principles of Law
 QS 4423 Measurements II- High Rise Buildings
 QS 4324 Construction Economics I
 QS 4325 Quantity Surveying Practice II
 IT 301 Industrial Training Phase I
 IT 302 Industrial Training Phase II
Semester 05 :

 QS 5326 Pre-contract Management
 QS 5327 Price Analysis II- Civil Engineering
 QS 5328 Construction Technology III
 QS 5329 Project Planning Techniques
 QS 5330 Specification Writing
 QS 5331 Business Statistics

Semester 06 :
 QS 6332 Law and Contractual Procedures
 QS 6433 Measurement III- Civil
 QS 6334 Construction Economics II
 QS 6335 Quantity Surveying Practice III
 IS 6201 Humanities
 IS 6102 Government & Politics of SL*1
 IS 6103 Meditation & Yoga*1
 IS 6104 Introduction to Music Composition
 IS 6105 Introduction to Digital Arts
 IS 6106 Cinema and Television
Semester 07 :

 QS 7336 Advanced Management Approaches
 QS 7937 Dissertation I
 QS 7338 Post Contract Management
 QS 7339 Accountancy & Financial Management
 IS 7207 Human Resources Management
 IS 7208 Principles of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Semester 08 :
 QS 8340 Measurements IV- Services
 QS 8341 Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution
 QS 8942 Dissertation II
 QS 8343 Professional Practice
*As per the guidelines set-out by the UGC for the “Admission of students with foreign qualifications to undergraduate courses of the universities in Sri Lanka”, all applicants are required to produce original letter obtained from the Examinations Board concerned, to prove that their educational qualifications obtained (in one sitting and the same sitting) are equivalent to the G.C.E. A/L Examination of Sri Lanka or qualifications required for admission to a university in their own country to follow an undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.