Program Details

Degree Title : Bachelor of Science Honours in Bio Systems
Abbreviation : B.Sc. (Hons.) (Bio Systems)
Entry Requirements : (Minimum requirements) :
Academic qualifications
Local Category:
Three (3) passes for GCE A/L Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka
     - Biological Science stream – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
     - Physical Science stream – Combined Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

Foreign Category:
     - London/Cambridge examinations: Equivalent results for GCE A/L approved by the British council and the ministry of foreign affairs, Sri Lanka*.
     - Any other foreign examination: Examination equivalent to GCE A/L in Sri Lanka and qualification acceptable by the respective higher education authority of the country*.

Age limit: below 27 years
Overview : The proposed Biosystems Sci. & Tech programme enables the graduate to develop critical analytical abilities and the necessary core knowledge and skills for entry into the Biosystems related profession or to continue postgraduate studies leading to advanced degrees.
Program Structure :
4 year curriculum with 3 specialization streams
    1. Food and Bioprocess Technology
    2. Environmental Technology
    3. Agricultural Technology
Semester 01 :

 Introduction to Biosystems
 Soil Science
 General Chemistry
 Engineering drawing
 English Communication Skills-I
 Foundation Mathematics or Biology

Semester 02 :
 Organic Chemistry
 Plant physiology
 Single Variable Calculus
 English Communication Skills-II
 Introduction to Computers & Programming
 Animal physiology
 Material Science
Semester 03 :

 Fluid Mechanics I
 Analytical chemistry
 Multi Variable Calculus
 Linear Algebra
 Electrical and Electronics circuits

Semester 04 :
 Fluid Mechanics II
 Engineering Mechanics
 Applied Mathematics Laboratory
 Heat and Mass Transfer
 Specialization Modules
Stream I (Food and Bioprocess Technology)
 Food Chemistry
 Unit Operations in Food and Bioprocessing I
Stream II (Environmental Technology)
 Environmental Science
Stream III (Agricultural Technology)
 Animal and Crop Production Science
Semester 05 :

 Technical Writing
 Water Quality and waste Management
 Biosystems Engineering Design I
 Specialization Modules
Stream I (Food and Bioprocess Technology)
 Unit Operations in Food and bioprocessing II
 Postharvest Technology
Stream II (Environmental Technology)
 Eco Design
 Environmental Laws and Regulations
Stream III (Agricultural Technology)
 Farm Machinery & Equipment
 Soil and Water Conservation
Technical Elective I (one module)
 Climate Change
 Occupational Health and safety
 Remote sensing and GIS
Non Technical Elective I (two modules)
 Management Accounting
 Human Resource Management
 Financial Management
 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurships
 Organizational behaviour and management
 Consumer and Industrial Marketing

Semester 06 :
 Biosystems Engineering Design II
 Instrumentation and Measurement
 Specialization Modules
Stream I (Food and Bioprocess Technology)
 Biochemical Reaction Technology
 Food safety and quality Assurance
 Food Processing Technology
 Industrial Microbiology
Stream II (Environmental Technology)
 Water Resource Management
 Sustainable Waste Recycling Process
 Environmental Chemistry
 Pollution Prevention
Stream III (Agricultural Technology)
 Green House Management
 Irrigation water Management
 Agricultural Structures and Environment Control
 Production Technology of Agricultural Machinery
Technical Elective II (one module)
 Nano Technology
 Pollution and Bio-remediation
 Renewable Energy Technologies
Industrial Training: 24 weeks
Semester 07 :

 Bio-energy systems
 Professional Practice and Ethics
 Comprehensive Design Project
 Specialization Modules
Stream I (Food and Bioprocess Technology)
 Bio-Separation Technology
 Packaging Technology
Stream II (Environmental Technology)
 Hazardous waste treatment
 Sustainable water resources for human consumption
Stream III (Agricultural Technology)
 Innovations in Agricultural Technology and Engineering
 Aquaculture Engineering Technology
Technical Elective III(one module)
 Life cycle analysis and product design
 Applications of Electric Power and electronics
Non Technical Elective II (two modules)
 Business Law
 Rural Economic Development & Technology
 Governments & Politics of Sri Lanka
 Cinema & Television
 Introduction to Music Composition
 Introduction to Digital Arts

Semester 08 :
 Industrial Training
*As per the guidelines set-out by the UGC for the “Admission of students with foreign qualifications to undergraduate courses of the universities in Sri Lanka”, all applicants are required to produce original letter obtained from the Examinations Board concerned, to prove that their educational qualifications obtained (in one sitting and the same sitting) are equivalent to the G.C.E. A/L Examination of Sri Lanka or qualifications required for admission to a university in their own country to follow an undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.