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Management and Finance is one of the most dynamic faculties in Sri Lanka with its core- and extracurricular programmes of learning which keeps expanding into every aspect of life demanded by pulsating growth of entrepreneurship and by development endeavour of the society and economy. Further, it ventures into emerging territories by opening up new learning opportunities for students in high-tech management which paves the way in for high-tech enterprises that help sustain accelerated growth in economy.

The panel of staff of FMF selected on guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and furthermore on the prolonged exposure to the academia as professors/lecturers and researcher are well suited in their profession as they are deeply committed to promoting core- and extracurricular learning opportunities of the students. They are committed to upholding of the accepted standards of moral and ethical values whilst promoting original (analytical) thinking in the students. They are also committed to inculcation in students through various programmes of extracurricular activities of leadership skills that are so cherished by the students who aspire high in the entrepreneurial world.

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