SAITM - Faculty of Medicine

  • Our Goal
    To produce a doctor with the necessary knowledge, skill, competency and attitude to enable him /her to play a positive role in contributing to the health needs of the individual as well as the community and to impart qualities of compassion, care and responsibility by helping him/her realize and develop their own potential and be their own person.

  • Producing Best Doctors
    - Fully equipped laboratories for chemistry, biochemistry, physics, histology, and skills etc.
    - Continues monitoring and compliance to high quality standard by UGC
    - Clinical training in the largest private sector high-tech teaching hospital
    - Small group practical classes and individual attention
    - Mortuary with sufficient cadavers for dissection
    - Medical museum with full of resources to study

Contact Information
Telephone : (+94) 11 241 3351 or (+94) 11 241 3331
Fax : (+94) 11 241 3332
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Mail : Faculty of Medicine
South Asian Institute of Technology
and Medicine
P.O Box 11, Millennium Drive,
Off Chandrika Kumaratunga Mawatha,
Malabe, Sri Lanka.
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